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Mafoko Security Services is currently looking for 1000 security officers in Pretoria office. Minimum requirements are: grade C and school report. Please be there on time good luck!

Mafoko provides an extensive scope of security covering landside; airport; aircraft and air passenger safety and security. The services involve provisions of aviation security services to ensure compliance with the respective legislation to protect the national key point and civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference.

Broadly-speaking every aviation security aspect is catered for by Mafoko Security Services. Mafoko’s Aviation Security Service includes:

Our ground security team will ensure the safety of your assets, as well as the monitoring of all movement around aircraft and land-side services. Our care in your aviation security provides reassurance to flight personnel and passengers.

We provide integrated security solutions that will detect any security breach or threat. Our solutions are supported by innovative technology. We at Mafoko Security can customise a solution to your company’s situation and budget. We have the resource depth to deliver as your needs change. Combined with our technology capabilities our aviation security service is backed by a formidable security infrastructure.

Mafoko Security Services is dedicated to raising professional standards in the security services industry by providing a comprehensive range of skills development programmes and training in all operational fields. The Winyfield training college is an industry leading institution with Psira Training number: 627065/T89 that allows us to train our own staff and private individuals in the Grade Training required in the security industry. Mafoko is one of the first security organisations to have their internal training centre fully SASSETA accredited, not only as a training centre but in the delivery of short courses, skills programmes and full qualifications.

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